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About you to-3rd, 47 cases and you may 91 regulation had 2 or more intimate partners before one year (Table 2)

Approximately half of the times (51.0%) and you can 38.3% regarding controls were between 15 and you can 19 years of age at first gender. Twenty-two (23.9%) of your own instances and you may 21 (seven.5%) regulation was in fact partnered till the age of 18. Fifty-9 (forty.1%) off cases and you will 87 (29.5%) regarding controls got you to pregnancy inside their existence. Sixty-9 (46.9%) regarding instances and one-3rd (33.2%) of control hadn't got any youngsters. Sixty-one (41.5%) of times and you may 136 (46.1%) out-of controls got 2 or more intimate couples in the a lives.

Use of family unit members believed approach

From the 95% of one's instances and you can control you will definitely name at least one nearest and dearest believe method. Around three-4th of the cases (76.2%) and you can regulation (74.2%) got actually ever utilized a family thought means.