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Homosexual males was indeed vital out-of wanghong streamers' dependence on viewers' economic generosity (recognized as??, meaning “patron”)

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While masculinity and you may promiscuity are two significant concerns when you look at the discussing homosexual streamers' on the web fame, financial purchases in the way of electronic presents include most complications. This echoes the brand new shaming away from “currency guys” (men which promote gender to help you men) of the metropolitan Chinese homosexual guys, just who trust this new income from gender emasculates a male topic (Lisa Rofel 2007 ). Despite each other teams struggling with currency-related stigmatization, this new skills ones stigmas additionally the proportions where it is shown differently. Whereas money boys are often detected become outlying-to-metropolitan sex gurus (Travis SK Kong 2012 ), homosexual streamers come from a whole lot more varied classification experiences, as the represented on the listing of users.