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The study consisted of two parts: quantitative and you may qualitative

We built-up and you can analysed study towards both men and women students inside the cinema-associated level, the fresh new structure off motion picture teams from inside the Soviet and you may separate Lithuania, county capital off theatre between 1996 and you will 2018, additionally the significant Lithuanian motion picture honours, the Gold Crane additionally the Pine

About decimal region, i utilized statistical advice so you're able to analyse the trouble of women and you may the change on reputation of Lithuanian motion picture design. The new decimal research talks about all of the key levels at the office in the the film world: professional (self-)education and also the potential to functions predicated on an individual's specialisation, get capital for one's imaginative functions and have the second accepted/enjoyed.

  • Guy brides and you will kid relationships are chronic facts inside pass from numerous globally and federal laws work impacting an incredible number of ladies all year. Initiatives have begun to end child trafficking because of the 2030, but will have to increase exponentially if this goal should be to performed.
  • Mail order brides was a covert and you can hotly contended kind of people trafficking. Some scholars allege there's an over focus on the latest trafficking and you will prostitution times and never adequate towards instances of knowledgeable ladies stepping into around the world marriage ceremonies willingly. Nevertheless, you'll find cases of mail-order brides which can be trafficking, therefore notice and protection work have to be directed to that particular procedure.
  • Both son brides and you can mail order brides are usually coerced towards forced relationship, have limited protections positioned because of their protection, and are also ended up selling to have cash to the dating.