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Jean Oghasapian, the fresh new Minister from State getting Ladies Factors, Ms

At the conclusion of the meeting, Mirshad demonstrated the different media promotion material while the help messages one to consult to choose the ages of marriage from inside the Lebanon by several media advantages, designers, clerics and you will influencers out of all sphere

On Lebanese Females Popular Meeting- RDFL launched the federal media campaign up against man wedding titled “#NotBefore18 throughout the a news conference kept throughout the Beirut Domestic off the latest lawyer. The fresh new appointment is actually attended because of the Mr. Claudine Aoun Rokouz, chairman of your own Federal Fee to possess Lebanese Female, previous Minister Wafaa Al Dika Hamza, deputy Elie Kayrouz, attorney Lara Saadeh on behalf of Deputy Sami Jmayel, Attorneys E Al Siofi on the part of Minister away from Peoples Rights Ayman Shkeir, associate of French ambassador into the Lebanon, affiliate of your own Ambassador Christina Lassen, direct of your delegation of the European union to Lebanon, together with loads of reporters, journalists, musicians, stars, actresses, and you can representatives out-of in the world, governmental, ladies' liberties, and you will civil communities.

The new fulfilling is unwrapped with a speech because of the president off Brand new Lebanese Girls Popular Collecting- RDFL, Ms. Laila Mrouwe, exactly who pointed on incidence of pressed wedding especially in new rural elements. She including explained that the label "pressed relationships" is utilized in place of "very early relationships" as matrimony decision was drawn by other cluster exactly who provided himself the authority to favor unlike her once the a female at this decades doesn't always have the fresh rational, courtroom, emotional and you will wellness abilities one meet the requirements her to decide easily and consciously.