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Yumi Takezawa

  |  eris-inceleme reddit   |  Who not want to be liked by brand new good-looking President very often happens in it crisis?

Who not want to be liked by brand new good-looking President very often happens in it crisis?

Who not want to be liked by brand new good-looking President very often happens in it crisis?

Gu Jun Pyo fell in love with Geum Jan Di

Not simply good-looking in addition to steeped! These actors shortly after played the newest characters given that chaebol or conglomerate. Their fullness shown on drama extremely makes us move all of our thoughts. Also, their aroused and you will handsome browse usually easily build lady belong love using them.

Here is the variety of this new hottest chaebol by the Throw Ko

Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) ‘s the frontrunner away from F4 in addition to extremely wealthy and you may important user regarding crisis ‘Guys Over Flower’. eris Birine NasД±l Mesaj While the only beneficiary out of Shinwa Category, one of several strongest businesses in Southern Korea, Gu Jun Pyo has a characteristics which is arrogant, stubborn and you can careless toward anyone else. But not, after he matches Geum The month of january Di (Goo Hye Sunlight) the guy becomes some time flaccid. Having love’s purpose, Gu Jun Pyo is happy to do anything along with to help you waste his money. Certain surprises he provided making Geum The month of january Di content, plus when he took a vacation to The fresh new Caledonia, Ca. At that time, Gu Jun Pyo got The month of january Di for the a helicopter and you can presented the heart-shaped isle because indicative that he preferred the lady.

Kim Joo Claimed (Hyun Bin) was an assertive, eccentric, and narcissistic Chief executive officer. The guy respected himself and you will considered himself while the some body that has finest. Kim Joo Won’s unpleasant ideas indeed becomes the fresh attraction. Strangely, that it pompous and dismissive identification indeed makes Kim Joo Claimed search comedy. Brand new dresses and you will auto the guy utilized constantly lured desire and you will turned into strikes in those days. Even the domestic that he occupied is actually huge. Particularly a huge home consisting of family relations agreements. New walking on the gate to their house is actually a tiring one to. Seem to, an ordinary girl titled Gil Ra I will be (Ha Ji Obtained) was able to get over Kim Joo Won’s cardio. He does not believe that a good-looking child and his classification can be fall in love with a negative girl.

Very Ji Sub can alter his reputation well. Inside 17-event drama, Thus Ji Sandwich takes on due to the fact Joo Joong Obtained, a typical pompous chaebol man during the Korean crisis. Joo Joong Won’s thoughts are only occupied because of the money, money, and cash. Joo Joong Obtained provides a huge and you may lavish mall. In reality, he had been disturbed by the visibility of their personnel, Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin). However, the guy need the power of Tae Gong Shil who will see the ghost to strengthen their riches and you will tell you the story with his basic like previously. Joo Joong Claimed keeps a primary sentence you to definitely turned their trademark. As he states ‘kojyo’ and thus ‘step out of my face’ while moving their hands as if to get somebody away, it becomes his appeal.

You should be grateful getting Ji Sung’s acting element that gamble more than one profile inside a crisis. Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) are a wealthy businessman, kind and you can beneficial. However, they have six some other characters. New labels, stories, procedures, and you may backgrounds are common additional. Doctor Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) tries to repair and you may win back control over Cha Do Hyun’s lives. Trouble start getting major when Cha Carry out Hyun and one off his evil personalities titled Shin Se Gi such Oh Ri Jin. I will be mistaken for the actual Cha Would Hyun reputation. He or she is a good contour but many characters was frequently a bit unexpected and also fascinating. The smoothness is full of twists and is an attraction getting his character.

Each profile created significantly more than possess a different appeal and you may individuality. The brand new characters look best due to the pretending experiences of the stars. Who is your chosen chaebol?

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